The Hoosier Extracorporeal Science Conference (HESC)

Meet industry leaders and clinicians nationwide with one mission: Forging New Roads to Better Patient Outcomes in Extracorporeal Medicine. The conference focused on new technologies, evidence-based practices, and more. We look forward to seeing you virtually at our second annual conference!

The Hoosier Extracorporeal Science Conference (HESC) is hosted and managed by Heartbeat Perfusion Solutions Inc.

ABO-Incompatible Transplant Therapy

Presentation by Dr. Issitt • HESC May 2022 in Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Issitt presents about ABO-Incompatible Transplant Therapy, overviewing the historical relevance of ABO-incompatible heart transplantation, differentiating between plasma exchange-facilitated and immunoadsorption-facilitated ABO-incompatible heart transplantation, and highlighting the impact of immunoadsorption and its crucial role in increasing the donor-recipient pool for pediatric heart transplantation.

Common challenges for ECMO patients

Presentation by Dr. Eric Osborn, CCP • HESC May 2022 in Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Eric Osborn’s presentation overviewed common challenges for ECMO patients. He will demonstrate the principles of careful patient selection for ECMO, provide an overview of Hypoxia management on V-V ECMO and describe when and how to decompress the LV during VA ECMO.

Comprehensive Clinical Perfusion Instruction

Presentation by David Webb, CCP • HESC May 2022 in Indianapolis, IN

Mr.Webb’s presentation focused on techniques to improve clinical perfusion instruction. More specially, the challenges surrounding teaching in the clinical environment when the patient is the priority. In addition, different strategies enhance communication between students and instructors, foster a more adaptive working relationship, and reduce fear and apprehension.

ECMO-preserving the option for donation

Presentation by Sherry Quire RN, MBA • HESC May 2022 in Indianapolis, IN

Ms. Quire’s presentation highlighted preserving the ECMO option for donation and Expanding the Gifts. She overviewed the history of organ donation and differentiated between donation after circulatory death and brain death. In addition, she outlined ECMO usage as a bridge for candidate patients to become potential organ donors with techniques of ECMO utilizing the normothermic regional perfusion.

Recent updates with Custodiol HTK Solution

Presentation by Bill Nicotra, MSL, CCP • HESC May 2022 in Indianapolis, IN

Mr.Nicotra’s presentation will overview the recent updates with Custodiol HTK solution, review the mechanism of action and functionality of Custodiol, prospective studies associated with Custodiol and ongoing projects, and the future of Custodiol HTK Solution. Bill Nicotra, MSL, CCP comes with thirty years of perfusion experience, including twenty-five years as a chief perfusionist. Mr. Nicotra is an expert in adult and pediatric extracorporeal circulations and various perfusion equipment and modalities. He is a pioneer in ex-vivo lung perfusion and designed one of the earliest US circuits. He Implemented a perfusion training program for Malago Hospital, Kampala, Uganda. 2007-2018, partnered with Medtronic pediatric perfusion division to provide ongoing supplies necessary for program sustainability, he currently serves as Medical Science Liaison for Essential Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

How ECMO Contributes to Acute Kidney Injury

Presentation by John Ingram, Jr., CCP • HESC May 2022 in Indianapolis, IN

CCP Objectives of the presentation: Understanding the causative mechanisms of acute kidney injury during ECMO; Identify the physiologic pathways to acute kidney injury during ECMO; To understand the hemodynamic, hormonal, and inflammatory factors during ECMO.

How did ECMO start? The evolution Journey of ECMO from 1971 to 2022

Presentation by Gerard J Myers RT, CCP Emeritus• HESC May 2022 in Indianapolis, IN

Gerard J Myers RT, CCP Emeritus is an expert in the field of perfusion and cardiovascular care and has written several articles and posts on these topics, on LinkedIn. His articles provide valuable insights and information for medical professionals, covering a range of topics including the latest developments in perfusion technology, best practices for perfusion, and the future of cardiovascular care.

Navigating the unknowns of Anticoagulation, Covid, and ECMO

Presentation by Matthew Lillyblad, PharmD, BCCCP, BCCP • HESC May 2022 in Indianapolis, IN

Matthew Lillyblad, PharmD, BCCCP, BCCP is the pharmacy coordinator for cardiology and critical care and the program director for the PGY2 pharmacy residency in cardiology. Objectives for this presentation: Describe the risks of thrombosis and thromboembolism in patients with COVID-19 and the role of antithrombotic therapies; Recognize the role of anticoagulation in patients support on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO); Identify the management options available for anticoagulant selection, intensity, and monitoring of patients with COVID-19 supported by ECMO.

Avoidable ECMO Fatalities

Presentation by Phil Scott, MS, CCP, FPP • HESC May 2022 in Indianapolis, IN

Objectives of the presentation: Understand DIC and Coagulation Management on ECMO to avoid fatal thrombotic embolism on ECMO; Understand Central Pontene Mylenolysis and how to avoid brain death on ECMO; Learn and understand the cause and effect of fatal systemic massive thrombus.

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